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Dog Fence Lockport, NY

Invisible Fences for the Lockport & Buffalo, NY Area

“Don’t Complain…Train and Contain”
Obedience training can benefit you and your beloved canine friend. Allbreed Obedience Academy provides obedience training services for dogs of all ages in Northern Erie County and Niagara County. Whether you have a brand-new puppy or an older dog who has recently started acting out, Allbreed Obedience Academy will provide the necessary training to get your companion well on their way to becoming more obedient. We offer invisible fences for pets throughout the Lockport, NY and Buffalo, NY areas. Whether you need a dog fence or a cat fence, Allbreed Obedience Academy can help.

Our certified dog trainer Bryan Barish has nearly two decades of experience training dogs, and has worked with more than 5,500 dogs during that time. Barish is also a registered member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and attends annual sessions to ensure he is up to date on the latest training techniques and behavior patterns. He can also give you any information you need about invisible fences and their benefits.
Electric Fence Buffalo, NY
While most dog owners are looking for basic commands of obedience, Bryan is highly effective in all aspects of training and can take your dog to a new level.

Electric Fence Buffalo, NY
Once your Pet Stop pet containment system is installed, proper training is very important. Pet Fences by Allbreed will help your pets learn their boundaries.

Invisible Fence Buffalo, NY
Allbreed has been servicing and installing hidden pet fencing solutions since 1995. Our product knowledge, installation skills and professional dog and cat training skills ensure the highest success rate for your pets.

We install electric pet and dog fences!

Teach Your Pet Boundaries With Electric Fences

Have you noticed your dog has a hard time listening to you? Have you attempted to potty train your pet without any success? Does your dog have a barking or biting problem?

From basic commands to more advanced training, Allbreed Obedience Academy can teach your dog all the essentials and a few new tricks. If you are interested in enrolling your pet, we encourage you to contact us to ask about getting started.

An important part of training your pet is teaching boundaries. This keeps them safely contained within your yard. Having a hidden electric fence installed is an effective way to train your pet to stay within the parameters of your property. We can install and service all brands of electronic pet fences, also known as hidden fences, underground fences, invisible fences, and pet containment systems.

Benefits of Installing Dog Fences

  • Affordable. Depending on what area you live in, your neighborhood may have a strict code that dictates what type of fencing you install. Electric dog fences are much less expensive than traditional fences, and best of all, they are installed underground.
  • Easy Roaming. When you install a dog fence, your dog will have all the freedom in the world to roam. If you have a large property, you want your dog to be safe running around in the open. With an electric invisible fence, they will gently be reminded of the yard's boundaries.
  • Effective. If your dog has escaped from your yard multiple times, an electric dog fence will do the trick. Sometimes traditional methods of keeping dogs in the yard don't work - they may dig under or jump over your fence. Normally, dogs will learn the boundary line quickly with a dog fence.

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Do you think invisible fences are right for your pets? Then find out more by giving Allbreed Obedience Academy a call. We provide reliable and affordable invisible fence products for the greater Lockport and Buffalo, NY area.
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